Host a Digital Fundraiser

[Re]pairing Homes of families, seniors, people with disabilities and victims of disasters. We are dedicated.

[Re]vitalizing Communities where we live, work and learn. We are devoted.

[Re]building Lives through raising awareness of the housing problems facing 1.65 million of our neighbors in need across the country. We are determined.

We are asking everyone who believes our neighbors deserve to live in safe and healthy communities to pledge to be a [Re]Builder! Are you in?

One person can inspire thousands! Share your passion for the [Re]build movement with your network to fundraise on behalf of Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade.

We know asking friends and colleagues for money can be intimidating. It’s easy to overthink fundraising or worry you will offend or annoy someone. The great thing about our digital house fundraiser is that your page can be personalized and shared directly on your social media pages; making it easy to spread awareness and make a wide-spread ask in a less intimidating, gentler way. We bet you’ll be surprised by your network’s generosity!

Fun fact: Our development director raised $715 from 16 supporters in just four days by doing nothing more than posting about the [Re]build movement and asking for support in her Instagram stories. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Tip for success: Share why YOU love Rebuilding Together and believe our work is important. Everyone is drawn to a cause for a different reason, tell your friends and family what experiences shaped your passion for safe, healthy, and affordable housing for all.