Every home touched by RTMD receives a Healthy Home Kit. This kit is designed to be “volunteer friendly” meaning even unskilled volunteers can install all items inside.  Items found in the Healthy Home Kit address fire safety and prevention, fall prevention, and other health-related issues commonly found in homes. Examples of items are grab bars, smoke detectors, levered doorknobs, and etc.

When I talk about my home, I become emotional. I consider it to be a person more than a house itself, and seeing it in distress really hurts me. It’s been like living with a sick relative who means the world to you but you cannot help. It’s heartbreaking.


Am I Eligible for Services?

Eligible homeowners meet the following requirements:

  • Household income must meet Miami-Dade HUD income limits. Click here to see if you qualify

  • Property must be an owner occupied, single family home; homeowner cannot own additional properties or receive income from rental properties. Mobile homes, manufactured homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments are not eligible at this time

  • Applicant has owned and resided in home for a minimum of two years

  • Applicant must be current with all local taxes and mortgage payments

  • Applicant must not have a reverse mortgage or liens on the property

  • A background check will be conducted and criminal record will be taken into consideration. Sex offenders and homeowners with violent crimes are not eligible

Our work is funded by a variety of corporate sponsors, individual donors, organizations, and government entities. Thanks to their generosity, all home repairs and modifications are offered free of charge for qualified homeowners.

For more information about our programs and services, please email or call 305.200.5711.


Help us achieve our vision of safe homes and communities for everyone.