Do you accept donations of used tools, furniture, and etc.?2018-05-14T02:58:40-04:00

We VERY occasionally accept donations of gently used tools and home appliances (i.e. cabinets, refrigerators, and etc.). Due to limited storage space, we must have an active project in immediate need of the item you wish to donate.

How do I donate?2018-05-14T03:02:58-04:00

You can donate on our website, via PayPal, or check. Please make checks payable to Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade, Inc. and mail to 1390 S. Dixie Hwy. Ste. 2123 | Coral Gables, FL 33146.

Ask your company if have a corporate matching program! Many companies will match a percentage of your contribution or make a donation per hour volunteered.

You can also designate Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile, .5% of every purchase you make will go to Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade.

What if it rains?2018-05-14T03:03:33-04:00

National Rebuilding Day is held rain or shine.

For all other volunteer projects, a Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade staff member will contact you with a contingency plan.

What do I need to know about National Rebuilding Day?2018-05-14T03:05:01-04:00

National Rebuilding Day is an annual day of service celebrated on the last Saturday of April.

Over 300 volunteers provide major and minor repairs to 15-20 qualified homes and community spaces in a target neighborhood.

Past neighborhoods impacted: Miami Gardens, Coconut Grove, Leisure City, and Florida City.

Who volunteers?2018-05-14T03:05:56-04:00

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Volunteers do not need to be skilled in construction.

Where can I go to find out how efficiently you use the financial resources you’re provided?2018-05-14T03:08:18-04:00

The most recent annual audit and our annual 990 report to the IRS are available on our website, here.

How can I support Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade?2018-05-14T03:09:31-04:00

There are several ways to get involved! Click the Get Involved tab for more info.

Who sponsors Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade projects?2018-05-14T03:10:28-04:00

We are sponsored by a large variety of sponsors, foundations, service organizations, clubs, associations, and individuals. Click here to learn more.

I do not qualify for Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade’s services, do you have any free resources pertaining to safety plans or repairs that will make my home safe and healthy?2018-05-14T03:32:45-04:00

Please see our programs page for tips and checklists to ensure the safety and health of your home and family.

Do I have to belong to a certain organization or religion to receive aid from RTMD?2018-05-14T03:33:33-04:00

Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based on ethnicity, sex, gender, religion or creed.

What if I want to sell my home after receiving services?2018-05-14T03:34:53-04:00

Our services are meant to improve living conditions to preserve affordable homeownership so that homeowners and their families can age in place in a safe and healthy home. We ask that all homeowners wait a minimum of three years before attempting to sell their home. 

What do you expect from homeowners once they are selected?2018-05-14T03:36:12-04:00

If a home is selected for work, we ask that the homeowner works in partnership with our staff and volunteer team to prioritize and plan the repairs. 

Do eligible homeowners pay for Rebuilding Together services?2018-05-14T03:37:52-04:00

All repairs are paid for by monetary or in-kind donations from community partners, foundations, service organizations, clubs, associations and individuals. Our services are 100% free of charge for service recipients.

What repairs are made by Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade?2018-05-14T03:38:42-04:00

Repairs include carpentry, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting, grab bars, ADA wheelchair ramps, exterior painting, landscaping, and much, much more. Each home is assessed and a unique work-scope is constructed to be sure it is left safe, healthy, and accessible for all residents.

What area does Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade serve?2018-04-16T04:08:48-04:00

We serve all of Miami-Dade County.

Who is eligible for Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade’s services?2018-05-16T18:55:15-04:00

We work on owner-occupied, single-family homes. We do not work on condos, duplexes, or mobile homes at this time. The homeowner must be considered low income by Miami-Dade County HUD income eligibility requirements and has owned their home for a minimum of two years. RTMD primarily works with senior citizens, veterans, people with disabilities, and victims of disaster. Click here to view Miami-Dade County HUD income eligibility requirements.

What is Rebuilding Together?2018-05-14T03:41:11-04:00

Rebuilding Together (formerly Christmas in April) is a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing with more than 40 years of experience. Together, with our corporate and community partners, we transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing our communities.

Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade (RTMD) is one of 130+ affiliates in the Rebuilding Together Network. RTMD brings volunteers and communities together to preserve affordable home-ownership and revitalize communities. This is accomplished through extensive rebuilds addressing critical home repairs for low-income senior citizens, veterans, and disabled homeowners, free of charge

Why are Rebuilding Together’s services needed?2018-04-16T04:07:06-04:00
Sometimes, our neighbors fall on hard times and become physically or financially unable to care for or repair their homes. At Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade, we believe no homeowner should have to forgo food or medications in order to afford home repairs. With help from hundreds of skilled and unskilled volunteers, we provide the skills and resources to make homes safe and healthy.
How are homes selected?2018-05-14T03:43:02-04:00

Homeowners must submit a completed homeowner application and financial information for review and approval by the Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade staff. Once a homeowner application is approved, our project manager conducts a site visit to assess the home for necessary repairs. If both the homeowner and the home qualify for repairs, they then go onto our waiting list until RTMD has adequate funding to complete their project. 

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