What if I want to sell my home after receiving services?

Our services are meant to improve living conditions to preserve affordable homeownership so that homeowners and their families can age in place in a safe and healthy home. We ask that all homeowners wait a minimum of three years before attempting to sell their home. 

What repairs are made by Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade?

Repairs include carpentry, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting, grab bars, ADA wheelchair ramps, exterior painting, landscaping, and much, much more. Each home is assessed and a unique work-scope is constructed to be sure it is left safe, healthy, and accessible for all residents.

Who is eligible for Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade’s services?

We work on owner-occupied, single-family homes. We do not work on condos, duplexes, or mobile homes at this time. The homeowner must be considered low income by Miami-Dade County HUD income eligibility requirements and has owned their home for a minimum of two years. RTMD primarily works with senior citizens, veterans, people with disabilities, and

How are homes selected?

Homeowners must submit a completed homeowner application and financial information for review and approval by the Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade staff. Once a homeowner application is approved, our project manager conducts a site visit to assess the home for necessary repairs. If both the homeowner and the home qualify for repairs, they then go onto our

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